Cleveland, OH USA


Who is Round House Games, LLC

We are a female lead startup based in the midwest of the United States. We started out creating games because we ourselves are game enthusiasts. Since launching our startup in 2017 we have exponentially grown to mobile development/mobile design, game development/design, machine learning and robotics.

The Future of Round House Games, LLC

We will be launching a series of mobile apps within the next 12 months. We have been in the works of over 30 projects and are just getting the final touches on at least 10 of them to be launched within the next 6 months. We are ambitious and looking forward to finding our path within the tech industry among the other greats.

Here is a list of projects soon to be released:

  1. BuddyLink
  2. ConnectYou
  3. GameSpace
  4. Fab and Fit With Stacie
  5. Aeryn: The beginning of it all
  6. Aeryn: The nightmares of Fau
  7. Academia
  8. YouMatter
  9. ECHO-1(alpha)
  10. SightWordMania

Here is a list of projects still in the works (5+ year timeline):

  1. ECHO-1
  2. Aeryn: The Great Journey to Azara
  3. Ashlyn and the ultimate quest
  4. A walk in my shoes
  5. GameHub
  6. GameBuddyCentral
  7. LifeLessons
  8. MentalWellbeingJournal
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