Our First VR Headset to test Aeryn: The Nightmares of Fau and ConnectYou

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We are so excited to be getting our hands on this VR headset on Friday. We can really begin emerging ourselves in development and test for the Game and the ConnectYou experience. We are in the process of trying to get our hands on an Oculus Rift and Google Day Dream headsets that Christina tried while at GDC but there is quite a process to requesting hardware for testing. And with low funds its been difficult to swallow a 800.00 price tag for an Oculus Rift and to purchase a pixel and DayDream straight from their websites. But in time we believe we will have these to add to our VR testing hardware.

The greatest thing we have been learning about VR is that some devices out on the market are versatile with both Android and iOS devices which helps us out greatly because these are devices that many will be geared more towards especially at affordable prices. We intend to try out multiple so we can pair our products with stable, reliable and great VR hardware. We intend to make our games and products versatile for all environments which is included with Google Cardboard and products like Sneba.

We are hoping in the next month we will have a demo for you and Christina intends to release a Video Blog update soon.

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