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Want to gain more exposure to your business?
Why not advertise on our company site.

Prices are for unlimited advertising per month. Can be purchased as a one-time monthly purchase or subscription based.

We bring in on average 4k-7k in traffic daily and look forward to expanding this traffic further. We strive to help other businesses and entrepreneurs towards their goal. Together we can accomplish amazing things in community of Round House Games, LLC.

Cancellation Policy

If you purchase any time frame subscription you will be required to give a 30 day notice in order to fully cancel. You will continue to be charged until the cancellation requirements have been fulfilled.

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The Advertising Package Includes:


1- 300px x 250px – Dynamic Banner (Designed, Placed, and modified by Round House Games)

1- 728px x 90px – Dynamic Banner (Designed, Placed, and modified by Round House Games)

1- 125px x 125px – Dynamic Banner (Designed, Paced, and modified by Round House Games)

Banners will be displayed on website, and Round House Games mobile applications.

Your organization will also be featured in our member exclusive directory on our ConnectYou Platform.

Finally, you will be exclusively featured on a featured add-onĀ our newest platform ConnectYou scheduled to launch in 2017.


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