A unique virtual reality experience. For those that can’t attend live mastermind or networking events perhaps because of the distance and or schedule. ConnectYou will bring forth a new experience for all. integrating an immersive experience and feeling like you are live for users to shake your hand and chat with you face to face. […]

Aeryn: The Nightmares of Fau

Aeryn: The Nightmares of Fau is a 6 part MMORPG with ties of Virtual Reality. It will be among the first of its kind bringing a MMORPG experience like no other. The game will also be available for Steam users, Origin Users, and console games all of which are currently in development. The virtual reality […]


A artificial intelligent app and robot model to be the eyes and ears and witness for victims of bullying, assault, human trafficking victims, and sexual assault. BuddyWatch is in development currently and will have the following features on the first release and model: Ability to record live sessions and notify emergency personnel while still recording […]


Exclusive Mobile game for kids to college students. Interactive academic game that makes learning fun and gives students a way to immerse themselves in topics they are struggling with or wish to learn. From foreign language to mathematics there will be several levels on the first beta release. Stay tuned for preview of the interface […]