Video Game Console, Phone and Computer Repair Services

We offer a variety of services but having an organization with the expertise to repair or update your video game console, or repair your broken phone screen, or even optimize your old PC/Mac or laptop, you can have confidence in what Round House Games, LLC offers.

Here’s how to get started with beginning with us:

  1. We offer free consultations to determine the extent of repairs, there is no obligation of service and get honest suggestions on what can be done to resolve your issue.
  2. If you choose to go with us we then give you an estimate of parts, services, and time frame.
  3. An invoice will be issued to you and repairs will begin.
  4. you will be notified via email when repairs are completed.

The process is very simple and customers are informed every step of the way.

For PC/MAC/Cell Phone Operating System issues, we offer remote desktop services. If you are not familiar with this, Remote Desktop Services are capabilities of connecting to your machine without physically being present in front of your machine. No matter where you are we can connect, and access to determine the best resolution for your issue. Free consultations are also provided for this as well.

NOTE: If you are not local to Ohio, USA, we offer affordable Shipping packages via UPS and Fedex

Video Game Design and Development

Can’t have Games in your company name without offering some kind of Video Game or Game piece. This is more of an independent venture but we do however, offer to individuals that bring forth ideas ways to join our group to make your ideas become a reality. We have a few projects brewing one of which will be a MMORPG game that will be offered on console and Steam. We are the only midwest company to offer this as most gaming companies are on the west coast and international. We look up to the companies in the west but we believe in bringing some of the gaming industry to the Midwest as well.

So if you have an idea or perhaps you are a video game designer or developer contact us. We are expanding and we are ready to talk with you.

Education and 1-1 Mentoring

So this service has been a new and upcoming piece and a milestone for us as we always love to share our passion and knowledge with those that seek it. A new platform we are in the midst of working on offers learning modules, live webinars, live 1-1 sessions and so much more will be going live here in 2017. But in the meantime while we set everything up we offer live webinars through facebook, google hangout, WebEx and any source we can get our hands on to offer education to all.

1-1 mentoring is available to those that would love to learn programming languages with an expert or perhaps how to get involved with entrepreneurship to start your very own business.

Schedule a chat with us today to discuss further details.

Robotics Engineering and Programming

Mobile Applications

Seems in todays day in technology everyone is on their cell phone, or a iPad, or a tablet and even a kindle fire. Each of these devices utilize a wonderful thing called apps. Apps are developed, designed, and offered through many devices and are covered across many categories. At Round House Games we also develop mobile applications. This can be anywhere from iOS to Android to Windows Phone to even microsoft app store and mac app store applications. We will soon be releasing later in 2017 two applications: Academia and BuddyWatch. We will provide updates within our blog and we will share details when it gets closer to release date in our new Projects page.

We offer services to our clients anywhere from the user experience design to backend programming. If you have an idea we would love to hear from you on how we at Round House Games, LLC can make it a reality.

Web Development and Design

Many businesses by now already have a website and if they don’t they are starting to learn how powerful it is to have a great website and social media presence to draw more customers to their business. Round House Games offers not only solutions to help bring easy management and designs to your business website and/or get your business on social media but also assists in educating individuals on how to maintain high traffic and great user experiences to bring in new customers for the future.

Many get frustrated with online systems like squarespace, wix, and intuit as examples due to the amount of work that is involved to get setup and add content and choosing a template and the list goes on and on and on. Sure these sites offer setup for you but for an additional cost and most of the time they design and assemble it to look like everyone else’s website. In this day and age you need to brand yourself and draw a unique presence to make your business stand out.

I know many have expressed to us within our 10+ years of experience, that they think these services are great and bring independence to those that are design savvy but may not be code or tech savvy, but, they don’t have time to go through the initial setup or have the time to maintain the site and monitor traffic and have time to follow up with new customers that visit the site..

That’s where we step in. Sure, we absolutely offer fully customized and developed sites for customers that are seeking something entirely different than these sites, but, we can also deliver assistance for those that want sites with Squarespace or Wix or even WordPress to bring independence to our clients if they choose to maintain the site on their own. We also educate our clients after the work has been completed so they are well informed of how they can add content, or edit content or even delete or remove content from their site in the future. Our very website is designed with Word Press, which helps us have more time for you the customer.But no matter your needs or desires. We have assisted clients small or large with the best solution to fit their needs but also executing the ability of a clean, effective and efficient site for user-friendly experiences.

Also mentioned above social media. Social media is the hottest spot to attract new customers and attention to your business. Social media is constantly updating and changing as well and can be difficult to grasp if you don’t have the knowledge on attracting the correct customers for your business. We have assisted clients with setting up their Business Pages, Business Advertising, and Business Banners. Our clients have expressed how much their business has grown since utilizing our services and we hope to help you as well.

Schedule a Free Consultation with Christina today to get a comprehensive plan for your business. We offer installment plans as well to fit any and all budgets.